Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Three Musketeers: My first TLC project!

Hi guys! 
So I am super excited because today I got my recent Ebay find in the mail! I have been wanting to do a TLC project for a while now and I found this lot of three dolls that really... didn't need too much work so I thought that it would be a perfect first time TLC the price was really hard to pass up! I really think I will be able to double what I paid for them. So I have decided on a name for this trio...
The Three Musketeers!

So as you can see, they are all pretty much in good shape. The Samantha (right) needs some extra stuffing added to her body. If you notice in the picture her head is always cocked to the left. She also needs a good cleaning and some hair care!
The Kirsten (center) Just needs a cleaning and some hair care. She is in really good shape! 
Now the Josefina (left) is my challenge. If you look in the picture below she has a mark in her wig that almost looks like a burn? Also her wig is sort of peeling off her head. I was so excited to see her hair was nice at first glance but after finding that, I am not sure what I am going to do at the time, I could either keep it like that or replace the wig and I am really not sure yet. 

The next issue is her eyes, In the picture below you see that the lashes are completely destroyed and there is a couple hard marks on the actual eye. So I am going to do an eye swap. But since I found also that the hair is "burnt" on top it has crossed my mind to do a complete head swap.  

The last issue with her is the chew marks on her right hand. So I am going to order a new arm and get her looking good as new!

So right out of the box I already worked some magic and they are already looking good!

Please follow my blog and add me to your circles to see updates on The Three Musketeers! 

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  1. I definitely look forward to seeing what you will do with these three.