Meet my Girls

I won Kaya when I was 10 years old through a contest held at Hallmark stores. She is my first American Girl doll and I have such a soft spot for her. Kaya is a Nez Pierce native american girl growing up in 1764.

Felicity Merriman 
I got Felicity in 2012 as a gift from my mother when I started to become interested in American Girl once again at the age of 21. I have wanted her since I was 8 years old and first found AG (American Girl). Felicity is a spunky horse loving girl growing up in Colonial Williamsburg in 1774.  

Caroline Abbott 1812
Caroline is a daughter to a shipbuilder with dreams of owning her own ship one day. I just had to have her because of all her regency style clothing!

Josefina Montoya-1824
Bought her as part of a TLC lot on eBay, got her all fixed up and kept her for myself because she was so stunning!! 

Marie Grace Gardner-1853

Cecile Rey-1853 *Pic soon to come!*

Kirsten Larson-1854
Also a pre-loved on Ebay at a good price. I am very excited to have her! Kirsten in a Swedish immigrant growing up in 1854 the prairies of Minnesota.  

Addy Walker-1864
Bought directly from American Girl, she is the new BeForever version! Addy Walker and her family were slaves in 1864 that escaped to freedom and made a better life for themselves.  

Samantha Parkington-1904
Once again an Ebay find! Samantha is an orphaned girl living with her wealthy grandmother in 1904.

Rebecca Rubin -1914
Although Rebecca's stories didn't interest me as much as others, she is a beautiful doll. Honestly I think she is the prettiest that I own. Rebecca is a Jewish immigrant living in New York City with dreams of being a star.  

Kit Kitteredge and Ruthie Smithens-1934

Molly McIntire-1944
Bought Molly off of eBay. Although I am not a fan of Molly's books, I have always loved her collection. Molly is a girl growing up in 1944 during World War II. 

MaryEllen Larkin- 1954

Julie Albright- 1974
I didn't like Julie until her Beforever change, I loved her new meet outfit and it really complemented her. So I bought her on a whim one day and she has been a lovely addition! Julie is an earth loving, basketball playing girl in the 70's in San Francisco.  

I bought this American Girl of Today off of Ebay not too long ago because she was a steal.. and although I only intended on collecting the Historicals, she has been a fun addition to my collection. I named her after Reed Kessler who is a teenage Olympic show jumper. 

JLY 61- Anastasia
I got this doll during a Jills Steals and Deals Promotional sale. I had to wait two hours to get on the site to order her but I finally did and it has been a treat to have her. I plan on making her a Tudor Aged Historical. 

Truly Me-47 

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