Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Tax Return Splurge: Meet two new girls!

Hello Hello!

Its tax season! Yay!

So yes... I got two new girls.

It is very interesting too because I got two girls that I originally said I didn't even want. The first one I kept saying was a boring looking doll. I didn't like her collection much... then I started watching a lot Jane Austen type movies (Becoming Jane, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, etc) which I have always loved those movies but more and more they made me think of this doll and her collection. Well if you haven't guessed already... my first new girl is...

Caroline Abbott

So she is very beautiful, I am kind of intimidated by her hair though! I have heard great things about her books too so I am excited to read them. 

My next girl is one that I also said I did not want...until the Beforever release! Its amazing how a different outfit can change your thinking...Also.. I am pretty sure she was inspired by Jenny on Forest Gump. Seriously watch it, many outfits and hair style is similar! And if that didn't give it away! Let me introduce....

Julie Albright

Okay seriously this girl is GORGEOUS and I might I be as bold as saying she is my favorite doll that I own right now. She is so colorful and bright. Ahh! I just LOVE her! 

Anyways I am going to keep this short today and hopefully I get the motivation to post more soon! I have 2 posts in my drafts I have been working on but I have major cabin fever lately and don't want to do anything constructive! And this cold weather! I long for the summer when I can go out and take good pictures of these five new girls I acquired this winter!  

I also bought a couple other goodies including Samantha's new travel coat and hat which I may write about later if interested? 

Anyways! I will write soon!