American Girl Reading List

I started this for myself because there was so many AG books that I haven't read in a decade and others that I have not read at all. So my goal this summer is to re-read (or read for the first time) all the AG books. I have not added the "My Journey With" books because I am not sure what to think of them yet. 
Let me know if you find any mistakes! Feel free to save and print these off for your own personal use but it took me hours to complete so please give me credit! Enjoy!

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  1. Hello. I happily stumbled upon your blog looking for an AG reading list for an AG Homeschool club I host for my daughter and her friends. WOW thank you for this list. This is a huge help! I love your blog and find history fascinating too. These stories and beautiful dolls are so much fun. I too though at much an older age (gasp - 47) just received my first AG doll from my father, Nanea Mitchell. I hope all is well as I noticed you haven't posted in a while, but wanted to thank you so very much for making this resource available. Shine bright always!