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Well... My name is Samantha. I am in my mid twenties and currently living in Minnesota with my husband Jeremy and my 7 year old son Hunter and our 3 cats, Floki, Rollo, and Bjorn. I was born in Terre Haute Indiana and spent most my childhood there but for a while we moved around alot so I have also lived in Texas, Georgia, Tennesse, and Ohio. 

Another hobby I have besides American Girl Collecting is horse sports. I own a beautiful 5 year old Paint mare named Sophie. (After Colonel Potters horse on the tv show M*A*S*H..my favorite!) I also love old houses and anything historical. I love antiques. I love researching my genealogy. I have found out a lot of amazing things about my familys past over the last few years. History is my passion! I love to hike and camp and spend time outdoors!  

The first time I heard about American Girl, I was about 9 years old and my very best friend at the time had some catalogs at her house. We would sit for hours and dream about the things we wanted to have. My mom was a single mother trying her best to get by so getting an $84 doll was out of the question at the time. When I was ten years old and American Girl had just released Kaya, Hallmark was doing a contest where you could win Kaya. Well I entered the contest and one day I came home from school and my 16 year old sister said, "Kay Jewelers called and said you won a doll??" And my eyes lit up as I asked, "Uhh do you mean Hallmark?!" And my sister said with her teenage attitude, "I donno... maybe." I was so excited, I called my mom at work and told her we have to go right when she gets home. I impatiently waited and waited until finally she pulled into the driveway. I remember when I walked in the store I couldn't stop smiling and when the woman working handed me my beautiful new Kaya doll I couldn't believe it. How had I been that lucky? The drive home I couldn't stop staring at her. After that I brought her everywhere. We were attached at the hip, Kaya and I.

A pic of my actual Kaya in her display although I cut myself out of the picture because its a super cheezy pose! And the actual form I filled out (moms name since I was too young) that they drew that day!

Well I got older and one day my Kaya was packed away. She was in a packed in a plastic tub for such a long time.... 
I moved into a house with my husband three years ago and while unpacking and getting settled in I opened that green tub and there she was, with that same smirk on her face. I held the "deer hide" of her dress up to my nose and still that same smell of the first day I brought her home. So many good memories of my childhood came back. I may have lost a lot of people from my past but real or not, there she was. Like a quote from a Felicity book...
Faithful Friends, Forever Be.
Well anyways, after that she came out of the tub more and more until she was out 24/7 on a shelf. And a little after I started to talk to my mother about American Girl once again, she surprised me with Felicity. The doll I wanted since I first saw those catalogs at my childhood friends house. More beautiful than I thought. And well... now I have 19 Beautiful AG dolls!

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