Monday, November 3, 2014

Update on The Three Musketeers: Samantha's spa day

Hey Guys!
So I haven't posted in a while because to be honest I kinda felt like I was in over my head with this TLC project and I still feel like it but after some tutorials and tips... I kinda feel better. See my problem is I am the type that wants everything done quickly and this is definitely not an overnight thing! Another thing is I have never been good with hair and stuff and doll hair is twenty times harder to do! 
Anyways... I washed Samantha's hair with shampoo. Just the ends. I don't recommend getting your dolls whole wig towards the "scalp" wet. Then I trimmed very very little off the ends just to straighten things out. I just got done putting her hair into curlers which was a pain in the butt but I did it and I think it worked well! The last attempt just didn't work so I am trying again with smaller AG brand rollers. I will take the rollers out probably tomorrow night! Another thing that I have done with Samantha is added more stuffing. I removed her head by loosening the neck strings and then used some stuffing from an old throw pillow. Now Samantha no longer looks like Egor! far.. I cleaned her body up using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It works really well!

Another update is that I ordered Josefina's arm off Ebay last week and just got it today. Now I just need the hardware and I am going to put it on. Wish me luck! :/ 

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