Saturday, August 8, 2015

BeForever Historical Accuracy: Rebecca's Holiday Dress

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     I am starting a new segment in my blog today. I was inspired by this particular outfit after hearing so many people put down the BeForever line for "not being historically accurate." Well hang on to your hats folks because I am about to blow some minds.
     So I recently got Rebecca for a birthday gift from my family (YAY!) and WOW! is she beautiful! I mean she is definitely at the top in the beauty ranking! But anyways... naturally I bought some things for her and one of my favorite dresses of hers is her new BeForever Holiday Dress.
     Okay so the year is 1914.... did girls wear dresses like this in 1914? Well the first time I seen this dress, I thought immediately about a particular dress I seen on a movie.

This dress....

    Do you recognize it? 

    Well if you said it is from the movie Titanic then you are right! This dress was worn by Kate Winslet on the movie Titanic. The Titanic sank in 1912, only two years before Rebecca's stories. The waistline on the dress is very similar to Rebecca's dress. Also both dresses are rich in embroidery. Now I know that Titanic is a movie, but every movie hires a professional to produce costumes that are historically correct.   

      Of course I am not going to leave it at that though! In 1914, the skirt lengths started getting a little higher. It started to be more common for women to show their ankles with the newly raised hemlines. Along with the raised skirt lengths, it was becoming popular to have layers skirts, uneven and unique layers.  


  These photos are all drawings dated between 1912 and 1914. Theses are all beautiful examples of the tiered skirts I was referring to. The shape of the first dress looks so much like Rebecca's dress. Also the shape of the skirt to the right of that one is very close! Not to mention she is wearing a similar headband as well.

    Okay! Lets talk shoes now! Rebecca's shoes are "leather" with double straps across the top of the foot. I happen to come across a very similar pair in a Sears catalog page from 1914 which I have highlighted in red. And with Rebecca's father being a shoemaker, you know she had access to the "freshest styles," Ha!  

     In my opinion.... Could a girl from 1914 have owned an outfit like this...absolutely!!

I hope you enjoyed this new segment of my blog! I sure had fun with it! 1914 is such a fun time in fashion and looking through the styles of the time was awesome. Such beautiful and unique dresses, I really hope American Girl will release many more new Rebecca styles in the future. 

There are many more BeForever fashions that need "debunking" and I plan to write more soon!

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  1. This was a really informative and interesting post to read! Thank you for sharing the historical images! I always wonder at the historical accuracy for the collections (just for curiosity's sake, since I'll buy them if I like them, accurate or not.) :D

    1. Thank you Lily!! I love hearing that my posts are appreciated!